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World Football League 1975 WORLD FOOTBALL LEAGUE
World Football League

Here it is, at long last. The WFL Uniform Gallery. With the help of Paul Reeths and Gene Crowley, I finally am able to display the thing you most recently wanted to see on this site. Paul did the majority of the unis while Gene did the Birmingham unis. I received a tip somewhere that the white unis were designated as the home uniform while the coloured unis were the road uniform.
Vulcans home uni
Birmingham Vulcans (home)
Vulcans away uni
Birmingham Vulcans (away)
Hornets home uni
Charlotte Hornets (home)
Hornets away uni
Charlotte Hornets (away)
Winds home uni
Chicago Winds (home)
Winds away uni
Chicago Winds (away)
Hawaiians home uni
Hawaiians (home)
Hawaiians away uni
Hawaiians (away)
Express home uni
Jacksonville Express (home)
Express away uni
Jacksonville Express (away)
Southmen home uni
Memphis Southmen (home)
Southmen away uni
Memphis Southmen (away)
Bell home uni
Philadelphia Bell (home)
Bell away uni
Philadelphia Bell (away)
Thunder home uni
Portland Thunder (home)
Thunder away uni
Portland Thunder (away)
Wings home uni
San Antonio Wings (home)
Wings away uni
San Antonio Wings (away)
Steamer home uni
Shreveport Steamer (home)
Steamer away uni
Shreveport Steamer (away)
Sun home uni
Southern California Sun (home)
Sun away uni
Southern California Sun (away)
That should be it, but if there's more, they'll be here!
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