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This is the first-ever WWW page devoted to the old World Football League, not to be confused with the current NFL Europe, which was once known as the World League of American Football. You remember the old WFL, don't you? It was the "rebel" league that Gary Davidson started in the mid-1970s. It was the league that had the goalposts moved to the back of the end zone before the NFL followed suit. It was the league that featured the "action point" rule. Bring back any memories? This site should help a great deal.
Yes, I'm back, folks. Sorry for the seemingly continuous delay, but I've once again have the time to make some updates to the WFL site. As you can tell, we're at a new locale and have more web space to play with. What happened at Fortune City was that the images weren't showing up as well as I'd like them to. I even received some complaints about it as well. As a result, I moved the site here. I sincerely apologize if anyone's been confused with what I did with this site. Even I confused myself with it! I'll be making some minor updates to this site very soon, so please bear with me as I do this!

Now, you can visit the Charlotte Hornets website created by WFL aficionado Richie Franklin. Click this link to view it!
There's also a site dedicated to the Philadelphia Bell, too! Tom Hefner has started a site about the team from the City of Brotherly Love. Click here to view it!

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            Award] OH YEAH!!! THE WFL LIVES, and the Dick Butkus Sports Network knows it's here! The WFL site was nominated in the 1999 Internet Football Awards. It didn't win, but it's OK!
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The league was formed on August 2, 1973 and folded on October 22, 1975. It brought new innovations to modern football, suffered major financial troubles and went through two league presidents (Gary Davidson and Chris Hemmeter).
WFL Fantasy League
The World Football League season is on! OK, maybe in a simulated sense, but it is being played nonetheless. James Swinney has organized a fantasy league based on the 1974 season of the WFL. Check this link to see how the season is progressing!

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I hope his page will refresh some memories of the league. Even if it doesn't, this page should be seen as a reference page in the history of pro football.
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