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25TH ANNIVERSARY (1974-1999)
World Football League

As many of us know, or for those who do not, 1999 marks the 25th anniversary of the World Football League. I really don't know how WFL fans should celebrate this occasion, but I'm sure we'll think of something. I guess in one form or another, the WFL will be remembered in some fashion, such as this website. BTW, there are currently five anniversary images were created by Gene Crowley, Ben Kruse, James Swinney, Gene Sanny and myself. The name of the image creator is listed underneath the image. As always this year, you too can submit your version of what the WFL's 25th anniversary logo would look like. If so, and/or if you have ideas of how to celebrate the WFL's 25th anniversary, e-mail me and let me know!

Image created by Gene Crowley

Image created by yours truly

Image created by James Swinney

Image created by Ben Kruse

Image created by Ben Kruse

Image created by Gene Sanny

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